Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wanna be Fashionable? Attitude first.

-Anna Wintour
Just be true to yourself, and listen as much as one is able to to other people whose opinions you respect and look up to but in the end it has to come from you. You can’t really worry too much by looking to the left and the right about what the competition is doing or what other people in your field are doing. It has to be a true vision. -Anna Wintour


        I like beautiful clothes, dresses, shoes and all of the beautiful fashion elements. I'll share my experience about how to coordinate your outfit. Of course, everything here is affordable! In my opinion, fashion is not a kind of luxurious style, it's a comfortable and cozy attitude. 


Carolina Herrera
Kaal E Isuktae

            Well, I write something about me: I graduated from the Central Academic of Drama in Beijing. It's the topmost art college in China. My major was Art Management. I worked as an agent and producer with movie stars, pop-singers and celebrities. I also hosted several living concerts and each of them has more than 2000 seats. I worked as a producer and stage manager for the show of Black Eyed Peas in 2006 in Beijing and Hongkong and the Broadway musical "Cats" in 2009 in Beijing.


        Probably, within my stage experiences prompt, I am easily immersed in the fashion atmosphere. I have many friends who are working in the fashion industry. They are stylist, dresser and photographer. We have had very impressive parties in every weekend when I was in Beijing. I would like to define these parties: Crazy, Colorful and SophisticatedThey are definitely unforgettable for me. 


A model walks the runway at the Ralph Lauren Spring 2013 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on September 13, 2012 in New York City.
        OK, let's go back to the point. It looks easy to coordinate your outfit, because you do watch other people's style! If you go back to you packet closet, sometimes you will have such a question: what should I wear today?  Even I have had the same question. But I figured out, the problem is I have too many clothes... These cute cloths would disturb my mind, and I could not wear them at the same time. 

Winter Fashion Tendency

          I can't believe that my favorite summer just went away. The fall only comes to say Hi and will leave soon. Ok, let's say hello to the New England style winter. Event it's cold and snowing, winter brings usually some surprise and inspiration to your thoughts. Sometimes cold weather makes me feel in good spirits. In a bright afternoon,  I'd enjoy having a cup of cappuccino with  two brownies and read my favorite book. But right now it seems like a luxurious time for me. We're all in this world working for our lives, our dreams and our souls.

     Even in the cold weather, we should not forget fashion. For this season, artificial fur is the fashion tendency.  It is cool to choose such colors: BrownCamel, Black, Leopard or Striae. 


         Remember, Cold Colors are always the best choice in winter. The best match with Fur Jacket/Coat is skirt and skinny jeans. Do you know why??  Usually,  Fur Jacket/Coat make people look fat. So, a skirt or skinny jeans will make you look good!